In 2007 I photographed my Grandmother’s home to create a book for my Grandfather, who was living in an elderly care facility at the time due to his Parkinsons Disease. He died a year later, and in late 2010 my Grandma had a stroke. She has thankfully recovered quite a bit, but not enough to return home. In fact, my Grandma cannot remember this house. When I show her the photos, she identifies them as her mother’s house in Troy, NY over 50 years ago. As she couldn’t remember or run the house on her own anymore, we thought it best that she not see it again before it was sold. In the summer of 2011 my Father and his siblings cleared everything out, held an estate sale and sold the house. It was difficult to see the setting of some of my fondest childhood memories stripped down and sold off- so I photographed it. And every empty room contained the happy ghosts of my childhood. Sometimes my Grandma asks about the house, and we remind her that it was sold, but not to worry because we’ve kept the most important things. She replies (in a thick French accent), “It’s a shame, you know- all that time I spent collecting things, making it just so, and now it’s gone… but the important thing is that you kids have something to hold on to.” And she smiles at me with eyes that seem truly grateful and unburdened. -A. 30.03.2013